Krishnagar clay

From practically the first moment since I stepped off the plane in Kolkata in late August, people have been telling me to visit the town of Krishnagar.  Last week I had the opportunity to visit there with a group of artist friends.  Krishnagar is famous for the production of highly realistic sculpture, from larger than life to extremely minature sculptures.

We visited with local sculptor Subir Pal, who has both a shop on the main road for his finished works, as well as a workshop that is just a short walk down a small alleyway near the shop.

DSC_0095Subir Pal’s showroom with cabinet of narrative clay works

DSC_0038His workshop

DSC_0045Workers and apprentices busy with their various tasks.

DSC_0046Subir Pal with work in process


Subir Pal also works in fiberglass (as well as stone, plaster, bronze, and cement).  Check out this cow – sculptural trompe l’oeil – in the photo above.  Photo below, another cow sculpture is stored in the workshop loft.


In the alleyway between workshop and showroom, we encountered the raw, unprepared Krishnagar clay, loaded up onto a bicycle  cart


According to Subir Pal, this clay is so dense that it is as hard as stone without being fired!  I remain skeptical, but hopeful, since he generously gave me a big chunk of the clay to try it out!

DSC_0079These minatures are really amazing!


Below, Subir Pal’s “artist’s reserve” of minature sculptures.  Wow.


7 thoughts on “Krishnagar clay”

  1. Hi,
    I think of you often, sounds like all is going well. I finally will be home in SC tomorrow . It feels like a long time I have been gone. Bayje

    1. Think of you often as well, Bayje! Say hello to Santa Cruz for me. Remember that if the travel bug bites again, you’re most welcome to visit me in Kolkata!

  2. Hi Cynthia
    I felt very nice to see you back in India and doing fulltime research on the traditional pottery style of Bengal. Great do update us through writing these interesting blogs about your new discoveries and work

  3. Namaskar Cynthia, looks like you’re thoroughly enjoying yourself there. Looking forward to hearing your stories in person after you get back to SC. Meanwhile I’ve been ‘playing’ with some miniatures myself… And appreciating your suggestions! Enjoy!

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